Journeying Through the Dark Night of The Soul

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

In our spiritual walks we sometimes experience something that Saint John of the Cross, a 16th century Roman Catholic mystic, and Spanish poet called, "La noche oscura del alma," which translates to  "The Dark Night of the Soul." For Saint John, it was a process whereby we let go of everything else till there is nothing left but God.

I, like many others, use this phrase to describe deep spiritual, mental, and emotional anguish.  The Dark Night of the Soul represents, for me, those times in life where God's presence felt far from me, where I wondered if I would ever know or experience God's loving presence, again.  I have experienced these Dark Nights of the Soul a few significant times in my life.  These writings will demonstrate my experience and process in walking through the Dark Night of the Soul.  Likewise, I will be doing a progressive painting, whereby, you will see the painting in layers as we walk through the Dark Night of the Soul, together.  The thing about the Dark Night of the Soul is that although the process is agonizing when I am willing to rest in it, experience it, and walk through it, I come out on the other side feeling closer to God and finding a sense of shalom and peace.

Please click the links below to start the journey:

Step 1:  Oppressing Darkness 

Step 2:  Relying On Other Senses

Step 3:  Eyes Adjusting

Step 4:  Light Enfolding

Please note that this journey is not necessarily linear.  It may come in waves.  You may think you are through a stage and then out of nowhere, WHAM, you are right back there.  Be patient with yourself when journeying through the dark night of the soul.  Light will come.  Take time to learn from the darkness, to dig deep, and work through the things that brought on the darkness.  Then let the Light and Love of God enfold you and carry you through.

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