Raw Journaling


There is a practice of journaling as prayer.  For more on that, click here.  Journaling can also be used as a tool for discernment and growing in self awareness, an instrument for processing deep emotions, like (but not limited to) grief, loss, and despair.  

I approach this type of journaling with a lot of grace.  What do I mean by this?  Remember when you were a child, and you could just write, unhindered.  Approach this form of journaling in that free spirited way.  Write without editing.  Write without judging the content of what you write.  Write whatever comes out of you.  Just let your writing flow . . . uncensored, accepting it just as it is.  After you have written for a few consecutive days, then go backand reread what you have written . . . not with judgement, but looking for insight.  Really read the words you have written.  What have you learned about yourself?  How far have you come?  What areas do you still need to work on?  Examine the parts of yourself that you like.  Examine the parts of yourself that you struggle with.  Accept them both as part of who you are.  Accept the light and goodness.  Accept the shadows and areas of growth.  This sort of journaling is a cycle, an ongoing process.  As you gain wisdom and work toward healing and wholeness, you keep starting the process over and over, again, grounded in the insights you have gained.   

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