Cloud Contemplation


Sometimes you find yourself praying in unexpected ways.  Recently, Chris (my wonderful husband) and I were in the car on a road trip.  He was driving.  I had my seat reclined a bit, and my barefeet were propped up on the dash.  I found myself gazing up at all the white puffy clouds strewn like stretched cotton, across the beautiful blue sky.  It was immediately calming and relaxing.  I found myself breathing deeper.  Then something wonderfully unexpected occured.  I found myself praying.  I saw an image of a dog in the clouds, and I started praying for a friend whose dog had recently died.  Then in the negative space of the clouds I saw the continent of Africa, and again, I found myself interceding for people halfway across the world.  I was praying for those who live in extreme poverty, those affected by AIDS, those who are exploited.  Then I saw a dragon, and I started praying for the gift of fantasy and whimsy and those who write for a living.  On and on it went, each cloud and shift in clouds called to mind various things.  These things were, in turn, cause for gratitude and cause for prayer.  Even in contemplating the clouds I found myself experiencing the Holy, the Sacred.  God's presence was made known to me.  God has a way of meeting us where we are, of showing up.  I invite you to be open to praying in unexpected ways.  Allow God's ever abiding presence to break in to your life.  Experience the wonder of Immanuel, God with us.   

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