VIsio Divina Cards

Any image of Charissa’s can be made into a Visio Divina Card. Visio Divina Cards are great for use in retreat settings and/or for your own personal spiritual disciplines.  Visio Divina enables us to use art as a means of grace, as a way to pray and connect with God.  For more on the practice of visio divina, please visit here.  

Visio Divina Cards are printed on 4.25” X 5.5” natural white inkjet friendly, tactile, watercolor paper (140 lb./315 gsm).  Names of the works are printed, discreetly, on the back of the cards, so as not to influence/distract from the prayerful reflection of the image itself.  

To order Visio Divina Cards, please e-mail Charissa to let her know which images (and how many) you would like.  Individual Cards cost $2.50.    However, if you purchase 10 cards, the 11th card is free.  

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