Burning Bush Prop

Items Needed to Create this Prop:

·      Limbs and Smaller Twigs (from someone's yard)

·      Plastic/silk garland (mine looks like ivy, but any sort of    

        garland of greenery will work)

·      White Christmas lights

·      Small fan

·      Multi plug

·      Red, yellow, and Orange Crepe Paper

Directions:  Layer limbs in a square/triangle frame over top the small fan.  Cut/Saw/break limbs as needed.  The fan will provide movement to the crepe paper.  (If you leave the fan on and plugged into a multi plug with an on/off switch it is much easier to turn it off and on via the multi plug then having to reach into the midst of the creation later.)

Then weave garland through the framework, using the greenery to cover the sides of the fan and enhance the bush motif.  Then interweave the white Christmas lights which will give the sensation of embers in the bottom of the fire.  Then add smaller twigs on top.  Last fold strips of crepe paper in half and then tie to the twigs/limbs.  If the crepe paper strips are too long they won't dance the way you want them to.  Test it out to make sure they have the movement.  They should be able to stand up on their own.  Turn fan on via multi plug and voila -- a kid friendly/safe burning bush!  

Note:  You can also create a Pillar of Fire Prop/Holy Spirit Prop with Crepe Paper and a Fan.


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