Spiritual Elements Series

This series includes 5 watercolors on paper panels depicting Charissa’s interpretation of Spiritual Elements.  These Spiritual Elements come as a result of contemplating the Ancient Classical Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.  Earth is represented by Terra Firma.  Terra Firma represents the solid ground in which we place our faith – in Christ alone.  Wind is represented by Up In The Air.  In our spiritual life we know that in the Greek and Hebrew the word translated as Spirit can also be translated as breath or wind.  Guided by the Spirit, we see thing differently.  Up In The Air (like Terra Firma) mimic what the Earth would look like from above.  May we start to see the world through the guidance of the Spirit.  Fire has long been associated with God.  The pages of scripture use fire when talking about God.  Things like pillar of fire and refining fire come to mind.  Fire represents God’s kindling presence in our midst.  Renewing Waters reminds us of the living sustaining water that nourishes our spirits and carries us through.  The last of these is Promise.  Just as sure as there is Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, the promises of God are faithful and true.  In God we live and move and have our beings.  The Word of God in our midst gives us strength for the journey and a promise to trust in.  Each of these pieces are part of private collections.