Ensconsed in The Mystery (Encaustic on Ceramic with Rope and Copper Tubing)

IMG 3392

Ensconsed in The Mystery (Encaustic on Ceramic with Rope and Copper Tubing);  An anchor is an ancient symbol.  It represents that which brings hope and that which is steadfast.  In this piece I have carved ancient words in Hebrew and Greek to its base.  Hebrew words included are:  שלום:  shalom, which conveys the idea of peace, wholeness, and balance; יסוד: yesod which means foundation; תִּקְוָה tikvah which means hope; חסד:  hesed which means love; and חֶדְוָה:  chedvah which means joy.   Greek words included are:  katabalh: katabale meaning foundation; agkuranagkuran meaning anchor; elpizelpis meaning hope; pistizpistis meaning faith; meneimenei meaning abide; eppizwmenoieppidzomenoi meaning being rooted; carachara meaning joy; carizcharis meaning grace; agaphagape meaning love; and eirhnheirene meaning peace.