The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music Worship Arts Workshop

This 11 foot handpainted parament (Acrylic on Gessoed Canvas) embodied the overarcging theme:  Seeing God with New Eyes:

IMG 2013

Day 1:  Seeing God in the Ordinary and the Extraordinary

This day in worship included a baptismal renewal service.

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Day 2:  Seeing God in the Individual and the World

This day in worship invited us to face and surrender the brokenness in the world and in our lives.

IMG 2040
IMG 2043
IMG 2045
IMG 2046
IMG 2048

Day 3:  Seeing God in the Silence and the Sound

This day in worship invited us to encounter both silence and sound in a Taize service

IMG 2052
IMG 2053
IMG 2065
IMG 2067
IMG 2068
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IMG 2070
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IMG 2072
IMG 2073
IMG 2075
IMG 2077

Day 4:  Seeing God in the Ritual and the Sacrament

This day in worship we explored how we experience God in the Passover and the Eucharist, in Mandalas, and in Prayer Beads.  Worshippers had the opportunity to serve one another communion around tables.  Each table had its own mini altar with chalice and paten, as well as, mandalas, prayer beads, and colored pencils.

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