Inspired For Life Women’s Conference at First United Methodist Church, Melbourne, FL (September 2015)

I was privileged to lead one of the breakout seesions (twice).  


In the sessions that I taught, we used watercolors as a means of grace, as a vehicle prayer.  We learned that it is all about the process and not about the outcome.  It did not matter what our painintgs ended up looking like.  The very act of painting becomes a way to conect with Creator God, in whose image we are created.  We had the opportunity to engage in two styles of painting.  FIrst we engaged in Lectio Divina and used watercolors as a means to reflect on the scripture we heard read.  Then we had the opportunity to use watercolors as a way to participate in intercessory prayer, as a means to pray for a person or situation that has been on our heart and mind.

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